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Tesla Energy Afghanistan, Kabul Office 

Silo Road, Yakhchal Street, House No. 14, Police District #3

Kabul, Afghanistan

Phone +93 777762256 or +44 7810806613
Main Contacts:
Hassib Massoumi - CEO & Founder 
Attahullah Atal - VP of Business Development  

Meet The Team

Hassib Massoumi

 CEO & Founder

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Hassib is an inspiring and motivational leader with over 19 yrs of experience in people management, sales and marketing. His first-rate interpersonal skills and the ability and passion to develop and execute the vision of any company made it possible for Tesla to become the leading energy company in Afghanistan since 2016. Hassib is very dedicated to his country and nation and his ultimate goal is to provide every household in Afghanistan with clean energy.

Siar Khoreishi


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Siar is a highly skilled financial expert holding a degree from Westminister University in the UK. Siar has served as CEO, CFO and CRO as well as a board member of the largest banks in Afghanistan. He is currently working with major banks and investors on a global level to secure funding that can be used for PPA as well as training for local engineers and innovate solutions within the renewable energy sector in Afghanistan.

Attahullah Atal

VP, Business Development 

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Attahullah is a highly-skilled business development leader as well as a project coordinator with vast experience delivering growth through effective strategic business development, client relationship management, account management and building cohesive sales teams within the construction and renewable energy sector. Attahullah was involved in large transmission line and solar plant projects in Kabul & Logar, Bamyan, Kandahar amongst many others.

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