About us

Tesla Energy manages opportunities from the embryonic stage through to a fully commissioned live renewable energy project. The key component in the development of Solar PV Projects is the team of people that design, plan, innovate, structures, project manages and delivers on time and on budget.


Tesla Energy manages the end-to-end process from land permits, leases, and grid connections, PPA’s, SPV’s. Using our dedicated local knowledge of both the European and Global market places Tesla Energy manages the legal process and financial solutions with local lawyers and resources ensuring a truly transparent business process. Tesla Energy operates globally, with our prime locations in the UK and Afghanistan. The company has successfully formed alliances with many partner agencies and organisation in Afghanistan.


Our aim is to work in partnership with local communities to rebuild their infrastructure, generate and deliver electricity, and improve livelihoods for the local people. We can also supply micro-generation technologies that will benefit rural communities as well as towns and cities. We have an unrivalled track record of delivering large-scale renewable energy projects in a timely and efficient manner.

Our goal is to complete customer satisfaction at the highest level. The Company believes in after-sales services and availability of spares at all times. The Company has invested in significant inventory levels to ensure quick deliveries and replacement when needed.



Tesla Energy is committed to socially responsible business practices and transparent engagement with the group’s multiple stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors and the general public. Tesla Energy strongly believes in the power of entrepreneurship to create opportunities, foster innovation, and make a positive economic impact.

The future success of Tesla Energy is built on the foundation of global investments in high-quality projects that drive economic growth, create opportunities, foster innovation, and make a positive impact on society.

High-Quality Modules Guaranteed

Only vendor with Tier 1 solar PV panels backed with 30 years power output warranty. Tesla Energy provides high-quality modules at competitive prices for customers around the world. By controlling each stage of the production flow, identifying the most efficient and innovative technology, and deploying on-the-ground teams dedicated to serving customers, Tesla delivers modules with the best quality-to-cost ratio on the market.

Strong Global Partner Network & Partnerships

More than 180+ turnkey partnerships with major energy suppliers, manufacturers, consulting firms and Investment companies – the most in the industry. Tesla Energy has continued to expand every year since its founding in 2016, supported by a strong network of manufacturing partners, a consistent stream of new office openings in the UK & Afghanistan and a global team expansion.

Local Presence

By investing in a world-class on-the-ground sales and technical team, Tesla Energy maintains close strategic links with its customers to forge mutually beneficial long-term partnerships. Tesla Energy is incredibly proud of its high-quality and efficient global operations, as well as its experienced international team of Technical Consultants.


Industry Leading Warranty and Insurance

Tesla Energy goes above and beyond to ensure customers are making a secure investment when choosing our modules. Whereas traditional warranties feature a singular trigger point that results in drastic coverage reductions after just 10 years, our Linear Peak Power Warranty offers a gradual ramp that more accurately corresponds to system performance over 25 years.


"Tesla Energy Afghanistan has been set up in co-operation with many partner organisations across the country. Together we will invest in the infrastructure of Afghanistan and empower communities to realize the hopes and aspirations of this great nation”


- Hassib Massoumi, CEO & Founder - Tesla Energy Afghanistan